Strategic Business Partners (SBP)

DISCAsiaPlus is extending its network of Strategic Business Partners in Asia (SBP’s).  We would like to invite any interested parties into discussion about the opportunities and benefits afforded from a business partnership with us.

The principal benefits for SBPs stem from them being able to extend their capability, increase turnover, and expand their core business virtually by accessing:

A family of developed and proven products specifically designed by consultants for use by consultants and HR professionals out in the field.

We are a state-of-the-art provider at the leading edge in its business sector.  We have made a significant reinvestment in our business – in people, technology, processes and also in product and services development.  We have also made changes to the way we carry out business, especially with international clients in mind.  As well as continuing to work directly with international clients, we have developed and will continue to expand our network of strategic business partners.

These business partners work in collaboration with us.  They represent our products and services within their own local client base to mutual benefit.  We view our strategic business partners as a key component in maintaining and developing our presence and business expansion plans in the Asian marketplace.

We are committed to continuous improvement in service and delivery, with quality standards and client needs being met through:

  • A team of dedicated staff who are focused on client needs and the success of our products and services.
  • A broad range of new, upgraded and user-friendly products and services.
  • Upgraded IT systems that offer the highest standards of security and data protection.

For additional information on our areas of specialization and the range of products and services available to our SBPs and clients go to our website homepage at:  Please do contact us if you are interested in becoming a Strategic Business Partner.

Amana Learning Company Limited

Hong Kong

Transformation & Change Management Consulting Co., Ltd.,

Hanoi, Vietnam

Focus On The Family, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

ProBiz Learning Centre

Bengaluru, India