DISCAsiaPlus Personality System

DISCAsiaPlus is an upgraded version of the DISC Personality Profiling System. While other DISC vendors utilize western subjects as their research database, DISCAsiaPlus uses Asian subjects as their research data. The Asians subjects include China and Indian nationals, Hongkongers, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Vietnamese and Mongolians. By doing so, it addresses the Asian cultural behaviors into the instrument. Another upgraded element of DISCAsiaPlus is in the inclusion of Emotional Response which is the tendency to experience negative emotions and distress – a component that other DISC vendors does not include.


  •  Building A High-Performing Workforce
  •  Increasing Work Productivity & Communication
  •  Increased Understanding of Self & Others
  •  Bringing Out The Best In People
  •  Build Efficient Teams For All Context
  •  Resolve & Minimise Conflicts
  •  Gain Commitment & Cooperations
  •  Increased influence & reduced staff turnover


The power of DISCAsiaPlus lies in one’s ability to interpret and make sense
of the report. There are two disciplines embedded in our training:
descriptive and prescriptive. We equip our participants with the skill and
knowledge to blend and integrate all the four factors and their emotional
response. The proof of this ability will be validated when they are able to
write a one-page description of any profile graph. Acquiring the ability to
interpret is only one aspect of our training. The other aspect is to be able to
utilize the training in practical situations such as communication, leadership,
team build, selection, personnel development and others.

Having a comprehensive grasp of the DISCAsiaPlus model will improve the

  •  THE BIGGEST MISTAKE LEADERS MAKE Managing everyone the same way!
  • OVER USING STRENGTHS BECOMES ABUSES Guarding the best and avoiding the worst thing about you!
  • SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF MOTIVATION Understanding everyone is motivated!
  • HANDLING & CHANGING POOR ATTITUDES Creating an atmosphere and environment for success!
  • PREDICTING RESPONSES / AVOIDING CONFLICTS Why intimidation and manipulation don’t work!
  • TEAM BUILDING Understanding Why The Biggest Problem In Business Is Not Technical – It’s Relational!
  • SELLING & SERVICING How “People Based” Selling and Servicing Works!

DISCAsiaPlus – What’s unique about DISCAsiaPlus

Asian Context

Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd has included interpersonal relatedness, an Asian value that views the person as being part of, belonging to and fitting into a larger cultural and familial context in the revised DISCAsiaPlus.  The research to customize to an Asian context has included several Asian norms.  The contextualization of the DISC instrument to an Asian audience will offer greater clarity when profiling Asians in an Asian context.

Working with Asians, Understanding Asians –
the DISCAsiaPlus way.

Inclusion of Emotional Response

While the DISC personality profiling is by far one of the most used personality profiling system and perhaps one of the oldest personality theories that is still being used today, recent personality theories have raised the need for DISC to keep in step with recent developments.  DISCAsiaPlus has incorporated the latest personality theory with an added dimension on Emotional Response.  This effectively enhances the DISCAsiaPlus system to measure 5 dimensions instead of the usual four dimensions, D, I, S and C.  Essentially Emotional response measures the tendency to experience negative emotions and distress which is absent in other DISC instruments.

“Your emotions make you human.  Even the unpleasant ones have a purpose.  Don’t lock them away.  If you ignore them, they just get louder and angrier.”

Sabaa Tahir, A Torch Against the Night

About Us


We believe that people are the drivers of innovation and productivity. We endeavor to develop the human spirit through active listening, participating, coaching and motivating our clients and their staff to achieve their highest level of performance and competence.


We are nimble, innovative and responsive. We are a flat organization without the established hierarchy of competitors. Any requests to improve DISCAsiaPlus or customized service goes directly to the team of developers who will evaluate the requests based on their usefulness and practicality. Once it has been approved, our team will work to innovate and incorporate the ideas into the instrument and delivery. In this way, we respond to client’s requests with a personal touch.