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DISCAsiaPlus is an upgraded version of the DISC Personality Profiling System. While other DISC vendors utilize western subjects as their research database, DISCAsiaPlus uses Asian subjects as their research data. The Asians subjects include China and Indian nationals, Hongkongers, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Vietnamese and Mongolians. By doing so, it addresses the Asian cultural behaviors into the instrument. Another upgraded element of DISCAsiaPlus is in the inclusion of Emotional Response which is the tendency to experience negative emotions and distress – a component that other DISC vendors does not include.

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“I had a great time at the recent DISC certification programme where Daniel, our facilitator was not only very knowledgeable about the instrument, but could also help us connect the dots in terms of how we could use it for our professional purposes. The workshop was highly interactive and with sufficient exercises, and learning activities to bring the otherwise detailed material to life. Certainly a course worth attending and looking forward to be updated on the upgrade of the DISC tool.”

David Lim, Chief Motivation Officer, Everest Motivation Team

“I highly recommend this DISCAsiaPlus Accreditation Program to any professional trainers who want to deliver DISC workshop on their own.  Daniel Teo is an excellent trainer with sound knowledge on DISC theory and its applications.  Through fun and effective activities, we can easily grasp how each personality trait relates to ourselves and our colleagues.  For me, the greatest benefit I’ve gained from this course is the importance that motivation and team building plays in organization development.  I’m greatly inspired!  Daniel Teo makes DISC simple to learn and effective to apply, which has equipped me to design and deliver DISC workshop to my clients.”

Alice Eng, Director, LivingStone Talent Consulting Ltd, Hong Kong

“The DISC accreditation course was an eye-opener for me and most useful in the course of my work as a life-stylist and image consultant. I gained many insights into the 4 main personalities and while I had expected this to be a relatively technical course, Daniel was able to make the course interactive, fun and relevant for us through his years of experience, professionalism and vast expanse of knowledge. He was also very helpful and generous with his knowledge, tips and strategies. I would definitely recommend this course to trainers who wish to gain insights into personality profiling and reading people!”

Ms. KIM-CHUA (MA-Educational Studies, Uni. of York, UK) (MSc in Asian Studies, RSIS-NTU)
Director, WINK! Charisma Pte Ltd

“I attended the 2-day DISC certification in November 2013. Daniel explained the tool and its interpretation very well and I must say that I left with a good understanding. During the 2 days, we did some very useful exercises and Daniel was careful to guide us along to make sure that we understand the tool and its nuances. The 2 days were well organized and the environment was very conducive for learning. Thank you Daniel and team!”

Joseph Wong, Finance Controller, B&Q China

“Daniel’s DISC workshop was truly an enriching experience for me. His understanding of the psycho-statistical underpinning the DISC personality as well as the differences due to cultural factors impressed me the most. Daniel’s facilitation was lively and went with the energy of the group. When he noticed that the energy of the group was about to go down, he immediately switched to an interactive activity which helped sustain the engagement level of the participants. The stories and experience shared by Daniel in reading and interpreting the different DISC profile was insightful. I became more confident interpreting DISC profile as a result of his workshop.”

Lee Kang Yam, Chief Learning Curator, The Flame Centre Pte Ltd

DISCAsiaPlus is a great profiling tool accreditation for any HR practitioners or those keen in understanding more about human behaviours in order to leverage on their talent strengths for team building, managing conflict, effective communication or leadership development. This tool measures the behavioural and emotional response and the course taught us how to interpret behavioural blends of 4 points and to integrate with the emotional response which was rarely included in other courses. Mr. Daniel Teo is knowledgeable and passionate trainer, during the short 2 days classes, he imparted as much knowledge he could to us and ensured that we have the right knowledge and tools we require to build our DISC assessor and coach competencies. The training materials, exercises/homework and certification manual were in-depth and provided sufficient references for any new/dummy students. The zoom classes were interactive and the cohort size was conducive for learning. This cohort class participants were very engaging and open to share. The Office Manager, Ms. Teo Eng did a fantastic job to support us on our learning journey, she provided all the required information and support to us in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this course to all HR practitioners, sales team, trainers, communicators, people managers or anyone who aspires to learn more about human behaviours and emotional responses.

Jesline Su, Regional Talent Management and Development Leader Culture and Change Ambassador

I had a great time at the recent DISC certification programme (virtual course) where Daniel was the trainer.  These two days of learning were enriching and meaningful. I have indeed gained many insights into using DISC and facilitating DISC coaching conversations. Kudos to Daniel for facilitating!
Daniel is an excellent trainer with sound knowledge of DISC theory and its applications.   He was very patient and forthcoming in sharing and coaching the participants. What impressed me the most is that Daniel has researched and improved on the DISC tool. He has incorporated Emotional Response (ER) into the personality review and he drives further contextualisation of Asian values and context in the application of the DISC tool too. This really gives meaning and confidence when we are using DISC for our local environment!
“This is certainly a course worth attending and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an insight into understanding people or team better!”
Joel Chua, HR Manager, Scoot
“The 2-day DISC Accreditation course by  Daniel Teo has provided me with a positive and more constructive way of understanding myself and valuing differences among people. The good use of practical examples has enabled me to better grasp the DISC concepts and language so that I could leverage one another’s strengths to improve personal and organizational results. Daniel Teo communicated in an interesting way that was easy to understand, provided answers to queries generously and clarified points unreservedly. He was able to reframe my perception about people 
around me and I am so excited to begin using this new-found skill at work. The course carries my highest recommendation for anyone who endeavours to enhance their skills in commanding multiple doors of communication, not just at work but in their personal life as well.”
Ms. Liza Ow, Principal, Tanglin School , Association for Persons with Specials Needs

The DISC Accreditation program facilitated by Daniel is one of the most engaging course that I have attended. The combination of the lows instead of merely using the highs in the DISC and the incorporation of the emotional responses made the tool a very comprehensive one. I have benefitted much from the training. I have gone through many psychometric assessments but this is the easiest to understand and use. This tool will greatly help individuals, groups and organisations to better understand, engage and support one another in achieving higher personal and organisational growth. I heartily recommend this training.

Randy Khoo, The People’s Bible Church

The sessions run were INteresting, INformative and INteractive. It helped me gain Insights to the different personality profiles and to appreciate who I am and how I can better Interact with others. What was helpful was that the DISC was Integrated with the emotional response factors which will affect our DISC profiles. This is an Invaluable Insight and thus provided a more robust understanding of the DISC.

So what are you waiting for? This will be one of your best Investments of your life!

Be IN not out!

Andy Goh YW, Foochow Methodist Church

I will highly recommend Daniel Teo @MCA

– Folder with great contents & slides page on DISC & Leadership
– Daniel truly knows his stuff what he is communicating especially when he answers our challenging questions.
– He is the producer & content created – especially on Emotional Response sections which were truly useful in understanding self & life contexts.
– He gave us the opportunity to write the ‘DISC Self Description’ based on Graph 2. An amazing exercise to clearly get hold of the DISC Language.

– The 2 days training were interactive, engaging and fun with much laughter & easy relaxed moments.
– Activity Based training with much energy – movement – conversations at small groups & buddy time
– Audience had the freedom to speak freely of things “off line” from their mind & heart.

Supramaniam Alleaiyah Krishnan, Next.Level.Coachr

I enjoyed my time at the DISC Accreditation Program led by Daniel. Even though DISC have been in the market for many years, used in schools and also the market place with the emphasis of knowing the highs of DISC thus it’s new to me when Daniel introduces the lows of DISC. The lows of DISC and also the aspect of emotional response certainly added a new dimension to DISC. Being able to understand the characteristics of the lows in DISC coupled with the manifestation of emotions have certainly made DISC more comprehensive. Under Daniel’s facilitation, he is able to draw out key learning points during the group sharing sessions thus helping us to see the relevance. Daniel also welcomes our questions and with his vast amount of knowledge, he is able to help us gain clarity on the topic. A course that is worth attending.

Jolynn Ng, Senior Financial Planner, Great Eastern

I have known Daniel and Tue Eng for a couple of years through my partner who is DISC accredited. They have always been prompt with their response and they make it breeze to work with them. I had the privilege of attending the accreditation course myself recently and was impressed by the depth of knowledge Daniel has in the topic. Even as someone who believed herself to be familiar with the tool, Daniel has brought about new perspectives and also deepened my knowledge in DISC as a tool for measuring human behaviour. There was sufficient course materials and additional reading materials provided.

The course was also value for money. There are many behaviour and personality profiling courses out there but the price/value proposition that they provide was the main reason I signed up with them. It turned out to be a good decision and I am happy with the entire process. Thanks Daniel and Tue Eng!

Khim (Ms), Senior Programme Strategist at Leaven Academy Pte Ltd

“Fine, I’ll Do It Myself”

Always wanted to be trained in a profiling tool, so when a good buddy of mine asked, my obvious response had to be “Stop right there, I am in”.  Daniel has gotten a good grasp of the intricacies of psychology of learning to enhance the facilitation experience, which made attending his workshop interesting, engaging and interactive. He has a masterful knack for knowing how and when to invoke learning and curiosity from his padawans. He would share his personal encounters and light-hearted humor to entertain and engage his class.  I find it easy to relate and open up to Daniel because he is a natural coach who is talented, intuitive, and he is a wonderful listener. He surely knows his stuff and is helpful in explaining profile descriptions with clarity. I would heartily recommend Daniel from DISCAsiaPlus as  the accreditation/workshop he conducts is worth every penny.

Clifford Lua, Talent Acquisition Practitioner

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